Actor Chris Hardwick
Gender Male
Age 27
Occupation Former Hyperion Accountant
Leader of the Children of Helios
First Appearance Zer0 Sum
Status Alive
Series lifespan Zer0 Sum to Present
Ethnicity Caucasian
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Vaughn is a main character in Telltale Games' Tales from the Borderlands. He serves as the deuteragonist in Rhys's side of the tale. Being Rhys's closest friend, he is a vital character to the story, accompanying him the majority of the time during the game.


Vaughn is a likeable, intelligent, and loyal character. Despite his wits, he is also shown to be naïve and dependent, as shown when he and Rhys were under attack by bandits. He is also shown to be afraid of dangerous situations, often whimpering and cowering in fear. However, he will try to pull through these for his friends, displaying his loyalty.

In Episode 2, his 'fearless' side comes shining through. He proudly announces that he 'is not afraid', although flinches at the sound of Rhys receiving a call from Yvette. Vaughn's trust also becomes questionable, as it is revealed he arranged a deal with Vasquez to 'sell out' Rhys. He assures Rhys that it was only to 'get him off our back', sincerely apologizing for his actions.

Tales from the BorderlandsEdit

It seems that Vaughn will be a vital character to the story.

Killed VictimsEdit

  • Unnamed Psycho
  • Unnamed Bandit
  • Rakk (determinant)


Rhys Edit

"I'm sorry, okay? I'm sorry! I would never betray you, bro! Do you forgive me?"
—Vaughn to Rhys in Episode 2: Atlas Mugged
Rhys is Vaughn's best friend and a fellow co-worker at Hyperion. They are on good terms, although Rhys can determinantly sell him out. Vaughn will sell Rhys out, but only because he believed it would keep Vasquez away.

Yvette Edit

Vaughn and Yvette are good friends, and Vaughn often tells Rhys that he believes she can help them. If Yvette lives, Vaughn will still stay friends with her.

Fiona Edit

They are weary of each other though they seem to trust each other when situations are intense. Vaughn will save her life even if she determinantly abandons him. He is also shown to have respect for her and Sasha.

Sasha Edit

They are wary of each other but Vaughn is shown to have respect for her and Fiona.

Loader Bot Edit

"Thanks, Loader Bot."
—Vaughn to Loader Bot in Episode 2: Atlas Mugged (Determinant)

Loader Bot and Vaughn seem to be very good friends. Despite whether or not Rhys blows him up, Loader Bot is shown to be good to Vaughn, partaking in a bro fist no matter what and he never throws him around.


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