Tommy Zero Sum
Actor Troy Baker
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Age 40s
Occupation Unknown
Family Unknown
First Appearance Zer0 Sum
Last Appearance Atlas Mugged Mentioned
Death Episode Zer0 Sum
Cause of Death Shot in the back by Tector, Shot in the head by August
Status Dead
Series lifespan Zer0 Sum
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Tommy is a character from Tales from the Borderlands. Pretty much nothing is known about Tommy.

Tales From The Borderlands Edit

He is first introduced in a bar where Fiona meets August, he walks out of the bar, and is immediately attacked by Tector. Tommy runs back inside the bar, Shooting him in the shoulder, begging to August that he will pay and to spare him, but August doesn't believe him and murders him by shooting him in the head.

Killed Victims Edit

It is unknown if Tommy killed anyone.

  • Possibly numerous Pandorians.

Relationships Edit

August Edit

" "That guy... he was a bad guy. Ripping my family off for years. Just stacking lies on top of lies until he couldn't remember what the truth was. He had plenty of outs. He chose not to use 'em." "
—August to Fiona

Tommy is seen to have some debt with August, which he seems to be unable to pay for, which causes August to kill him. According to August Tommy was ripping his family off, stacking lies on top of lies.

Appearances Edit

Tales From The BorderlandsEdit


  • Tommy is the first of two characters in the game to be named without an introduction screen.