The Group
Border 65
Status Active
Series lifespan Zero Sum to present
The Group is all the charecters in Tales from the Borderlands that plays the good roles in the game.

History Edit

When Fiona and her family were trying to con Rhys and Vaughn out of 10 million dollar for a fake Vault Key, they lost the money to Bossanova. Later they decide to form a temporary alliance in order to get the money back. When Felix betrayed the group, they accidently found the key to the Gortys Project, Atlas crown jewel. Because it could lead them to the Vault of the Traveler.

Later Athena joins the group to help them find the Vault after Vallory has also found out about the Gortys Project.

In episode 5 the group disbanded after the Vault of the Traveler was opened and Gortys was killed. After a few months searching for the pieces of Gortys, Loader Bot manged to summon every one back together.

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