Henderson Zero Sum
Gender Male
Age 47
Occupation Former Senior Vice President of Securities Propaganda
Family Unknown
First Appearance Zer0 Sum
Last Appearance Escape Plan Bravo (Corpse)
Death Zer0 Sum
Cause of Death Thrown out of an airlock by Hugo Vasquez
Status Dead
Series lifespan Zer0 Sum to Present
Saul Henderson is a minor character in Tales from the Borderlands.


Nothing is known about Henderson, due that he is first seen dead. He is presumed to have been the former boss of Rhys, before Hugo Vasquez murdered him. In episode 3 Handsome Jack revealed he was a racist and that he made cats kill each other.

Tales from the BorderlandsEdit

Henderson is first seen dead, Hugo claims that he lacked humility, which is why he was killed.

Henderson appears again during the journey to Helios. He is among the space junk that gets sucked into the caravan, indirectly causing Scooter's death. It is presumed, that his corpse was destroyed.

Death Edit

Killed by

Wanting the promotion for himself, Hugo Vasquez killed Henderson by ejecting him out into the vacuum of space via an airlock, citing that he lacked humility.


Rhys Edit

Rhys seemed shocked over the death of Henderson, though it might have been the fact that all his work of sucking up to Henderson to get a promotion were, literally, thrown out the window.


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  • Henderson is the first named seen character to not have an intro screen. The others are Tommy and Gary.