Rudiger Zero Sum
Actor Keith Szarabajka
Gender Male
Age 40
Occupation Bandit
Family Unknown
First Appearance Zer0 Sum
Last Appearance The Vault of the Traveler (Determinant)
Status Alive
Series lifespan Zer0 Sum to The Vault of the Traveler
Rudiger Gallery
"We've got a couple Hyperion warmongers, gentlemen."
—Grease Face to Bandits.

Character Edit

Rudiger appears to be a bandit who likes to kill. He is shown to despise Hyperions, claiming that they destroyed Pandora. He also mentioned `Atlas were bastards, but at least they had the good sense to fail´. Meaning that Atlas was better than Hyperion.

Tales From The Borderlands Edit

Rudiger is first introduced when Rhys and Vaughn stop to ask for help. Rhys can call him "Grease Face" or just ask for directions nicely. If the player chooses to call him 'Grease Face' he will get a title card, 'Grease Face'... but if not, he will get the title card 'Rudiger'. No matter what, Rudiger will demand to know what is in Vaughn's case. He calls his bandits and demands to know what's in the case. Vaughn says to Rhys to call Yvette and prime the loader bot. The Loader bot lands on a bandit, squashing him and killing him. The bot says "Hi."

The bandits pull out their guns, shooting at Rhys and Vaughn and at the loader bot. Later on, Rhys encounters Rudiger. Rhys questions where Vaughn is, but Rudiger retorts, "How the hell should I know? Your bot threw us both out." Rudiger grabs his cleaver and tries to hit Rhys, but he uses the stun baton to deflect it, killing a bandit. Rudiger looks at the stun baton, shocked. He raises his hands up, but then is hit with the stun baton by Rhys and flies and hits a sign. The sign falls and it reveals the building Rhys and Vaughn were looking for.

Rudiger is later seen in Episode 5, when choosing Athena to your team. It appears that he had hired her to do cooking for the people in Prosperity Junction. After Athena accidentally burned the meat, Rudiger saw Rhys again. They stared at each other, but the stare-off was cut off by Athena by burning Rudiger's face on the grill while she was giving a smile to Rhys.

Killed Victims Edit

Possibly numerous accounts of people.

Relationships Edit

Rhys Edit

Rudiger is shown to despise Rhys.

Vaughn Edit

Rudiger is shown to despise Vaughn.

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Tales From The BorderlandsEdit