Prosperity Junction is a town located on the planet Pandora. Rhys and Vaughn come to this town to aquire the fake vault key from August, under the presumption that it's real. It's also where the stranger brings both Fiona and Rhys (more specifically the World of Curiosities).

About Edit

It seems to mostly use trains as its main source of transportation, with its slogan being "The Future is on Rails". Their railway system appears to be attached to a rail above the town, with the assumed goal to try not to attract Spiderants, as Rudiger can hostilely tell Rhys that their car can attract the Spiderants, and when the Spiderants come, people get killed. Rudiger also mentions that Handsome Jack turned everything to smoke, hinting that it may have been a larger town in the past.

If Rhys decides to rule Hyperion, one of the options he is given for his first act as President is to destroy a bandit camp, which results in Jack choosing Prosperity Junction. Despite Rhys's protests that Prosperity Junction isn't a bandit camp, Jack fires anyway, using Helios's moonbeam to attack the city.

Items to Scan Edit

  • Porto-Potty
  • Skag Cart/Rudiger's Food Cart
  • Atlas Logo

Points of Interest Edit

  • Rudiger's Food Cart - the stand where Rudiger sells his Skag meat, however it appears it's not 100% Skag meat, according to the scan 35% is some unknown meat. The assigned food tester is in the hospital.
  • World of Curiosities - a museum run by Shade, filled with the corpses of Pandora's animals and several of its residents, including Professor Penumbra, Bewm, Professor Nakayama and Commandant Steele. The deal for the fake Vault Key takes place here and is where the kidnapper takes both Rhys and Fiona to learn their story.