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Atlas Gortys Facility in Old Haven as seen in Atlas Mugged


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Atlas Mugged


Old Haven is a location featured in Tales From The Borderlands. It is an abandoned settlement that was occupied by the Crimson Lance.

History Edit

Old Haven was once a major city populated with civilians. The bandits were contracted by the Crimson Lance to scare everyone out of the town. Once that was done the Lance had no need for them any longer, so they killed them. Most of the Crimson Lance left to become bandits or Crimson Raiders after the fall of the General Knoxx.

The few remaining Crimson Lance soldiers that were still under the command of General Pollux were tasked to guard the Gortys Project in Old Haven, but Athena killed them all.

Tales From The Borderlands Edit

Atlas Mugged Edit

The gang traveled to Old Haven to get closer to the Vault they were trying to discover. They have found the Atlas Gortys Facility. Inside they found lots of dead Crimson Lance soldiers. The facility is were Atlas was conducting the Gortys Project.

Catch A Ride Edit

After the gang escapes the Atlas Gortys Facility, Vallory arrives and stop them all. When she got the Gortys Project from Vasquez she kills him, but Athena arrived just in time to save the gang. After they activated Gortys, she says that they most follow her instructions in order to get to the Vault of the Traveler. They left Old Haven, leaving Vasquez body behind, left to rot in the abandoned city.

Escape plan Bravo Edit

Rhys, along with Finch and Kroger, goes back to Old Haven, to find Vasquez's body. He and Jack found the body without the face, making Jack guess that some psychos had a skin pizza party. Later, they found a group of sleeping psychos with faces on their masks. After scanning a couple of psychos, Rhys found Vasquez's face on a psycho with a chest bomb. He tore it off, waking up the psycho, making Finch shoot the bomb. Explosion blew up Vasquez's body into pieces, but Rhys, and possibly Vaughn, gathered them into baggies, and left Old Haven.