The Gortys Project is a project developed by the Atlas Corporation in order to locate and secure a Vault on Pandora, in order to beat Hyperion. The Gortys Core showed a holographic map of many Vaults. One in particular named The Vault of The Traveler.

Tales From The Borderlands Edit

Zer0 Sum Edit

Upon piecing the Gortys Core together it was able to display a holographic map of Vaults. Handsome Jack identified it as the Gortys Project and said that it would lead to a Vault.

Atlas Mugged Edit

Following up on this Gortys Project, Fiona found out that it involved an abandoned Atlas Facility in Old Haven. They traveled to Old Haven where they used the two Gortys Core pieces to dispense a ball. The facility was hostility armed with turrets after the activation.

Catch A Ride Edit

They activated Gortys, an Atlas made robot who was designed to make searching for the Vaults easier. Gortys explained that she needed to get two crucial upgrades in order for her to be complete. Upon traveling to the Atlas Terrorforming Facility where one of Gortys' upgrades were located, Vaughn figured out that the Vault they are looking for is called The Vault of The Traveler, and it teleports all around the universe.