Gender Male
Age 40s-50s
Occupation Atlas Military General
Family Unknown
First Appearance Atlas Mugged
Last Appearance Atlas Mugged
Death Atlas Mugged
Cause of Death Eyeballs gouged out by Fiona whilst in suspended animation.
Status Dead
Series lifespan Atlas Mugged
"My life and quite possibly, the fate of the universe, is in your hands."
—General Pollux`s last words in his video log.

General Pollux is a character in Tales from the Borderlands.


Nothing is known about Pollux other than that he was a General for Atlas military. He was controlling a group of Crimson Lance soldiers in Old Haven to guard the Atlas facility that was keeping the Gortys Project, until Athena decide to terminate the project. She killed all of his soldiers at the facility and then decided to hunt down Pollux to get his secret about the project. If she got the secret from him she would then `retire´ him, meaning she wanted to kill him too.

Pollux decided to keep his secret safe from Athena until she was no threat anymore. So he put himself in suspended animation at an Atlas warehouse. If Athena was no threat anymore, he could be revived from his suspended animation, but because almost all the Atlas employees on Pandora were wiped out, he wasn´t revived. It´s unknown how long he was in suspended animation or if he was truly dead before the group found him.

Death Edit

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Tales from the BorderlandsEdit

"Atlas Mugged"Edit

Pollux is first found when Fiona opens a pod and his dead body is found. Fiona takes his eye out with a spoon to use the identification machine, although she damages his other one due to a mishap in the process. Fiona uses the eye and a video tape is shown. Pollux reveals he "killed" himself so Athena could not get what Pollux knew. The group then wonders if he was still alive when they were removing his eyeballs, but decide to avoid thinking about it.

Killed VictimsEdit

  • Possibly numerous Pandorans (Both caused and directly)
  • Himself



Pollux thinks of Athena as a threat. Athena wanted to terminate the Gortys Project and then "retire"him of Atlas military after she killed all of his soldiers. Athena wanted to rid Pandora of Atlas after they tricked her into killing her own sister, by murdering every Atlas employee and Crimson Lance soldier on Pandora.


Tales from the Borderlands

Trivia Edit

  • Pollux is one of two characters who were first seen dead. The other is Henderson.
  • Pollux's character model is very similar to Vaughn's.