Dumpy is an original character in Tales from the Borderlands.

Actor Nick Herman
Gender Robot
Occupation Security for Atlas (Former)
Family Rhys - Owner
First Appearance Catch A Ride
Last Appearance Catch A Ride or The Vault of the Traveler
Death Catch A Ride or The Vault of the Traveler (Determinant)
Cause of Death hit by Loader Bot or Destroyed by Handsome Jack (Determinant)
Status Determinant
Series lifespan Catch A Ride to Present (Determinant)
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Tales from the BorderlandsEdit

Dumpy appears in Catch a Ride. He is an Atlas Security Bot that was guarding the Gortys Facility in Old Haven. He is armed with non-lethal stun shots that paralyze the victim if hit directly. If Rhys chooses to trust Fiona dumpy will try to kill the group he manages to stun Vaughn before being hit by loader bot to the ground destroying him. If Rhys chooses to trust Handsome Jack, Dumpy will become Rhys "pet robot." He serves as a scout for the group. To Jack's advice, Rhys can use Dumpy to scout Old Haven, and paralyze a psycho. Later on, it can be used to stun Yvette.

In the Vault of the Traveler, if Rhys choose to reject Jack, Dumpy frees him from bindings, but gets blown up by Jack. If Rhys ruled Hyperion, Dumpy can be seen floating around, right before the final fight with The Traveler.

Killed VictimsEdit

  • It is unknown if Dumpy has killed anyone.

Weapons Edit

  • Paralyzing Stun Shots



  • If Dumpy is used to shock Yvette, in the next episode, she will act like Rhys talked her out.
  • His real name is Dover and according to this video, he is trapped in the robot body.


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