Cassius Leclemaine
Actor Phil LaMarr
Gender Male
Hair Grey
Age 50-60´s
Occupation Atlas Chief Scientist
Family (Unnamed) - Wife (deceased)

(Unnamed) - Son (deceased)

(Unnamed) - Pet (deceased)
First Appearance Catch A Ride
Status Alive
Series lifespan Catch A Ride to Present
"Isn't it obvious? The woman that killed every single person I worked with showed up at my door. It seemed prudent to hide any reason for her to realize that she missed one."
—Cassius to Fiona about Athena (determinant)

Doctor Cassius Leclemaine is a charecter in Tales from the Borderlands. He is an indirect member of the group (determinant).

History Edit

Doctor Cassius Leclemaine was an Atlas scientist who run the Atlas Bio Dome facility that was working on biogenetic experimentation on both plants and animals for military purposes, until Atlas abandoned Pandora, leaving most of the employees behind, including him. He had a wife, son and a cat that he lost to the violence of Pandora. He knew very little about the Gortys Project, because it wasn't his department, only that the Dome was a part of it.

"Catch A Ride"Edit

He is the last remaining Atlas employee on Pandora. He knew that Athena was murdering every one of his colleagues, so he went into hiding by staying at the Dome facility that Athena missed to destroy. If Fiona stops Athena from trying to kill him, he will help Vaughn escape from being captured after he attacked Vallory. Even eating drakefruit with him later at an unknown location.

"Escape Plan Bravo"Edit

If Fiona didn't stop Athena in Episode 3, Cassius will give Vaughn to Vallory in Episode 4.

"The Vault of the Traveler"Edit

In Episode 5, Cassius can be recruited by Fiona for her Vault hunting group, if she stopped Athena from killing him. He makes Gortys use a "fireball" during fight with The Traveler. The group later complains about his smell, while he thinks about starting to work for Rhys to rebuild the Atlas Corporation.

Personality Edit

"For your information, my clothes are entirely functional! And my cat may have sucked, but he was the finest -sucky cat in this God-forsaken rock! But you're right about the juice stain - that's totally indefensible."

- Cassius, attempting to defend himself to Fiona (determinant)

Cassius personality is the kind of a lonely and isolated person. Ever since he lost every member of his family, he has become a lone wolf that mostly keeps mumbling to himself about his past.

Relationships Edit

Athena Edit

"It was...good working with you."
—Athena to Cassius (determinant)
Cassius was aware that Athena was murdering all of his colleagues. When he was meeting her for the first time, he was hiding his identity from everyone to insure that he wasn't going to be killed. If Athena spares Cassius life, their relationship becomes more stable as Cassius says that he is sorry to Athena, about what happened to her sister.

Fiona Edit

"Don´t kill me!"
—Cassius first words to Fiona
Fiona's relationship with Cassius is quite determinant depending on your choices.

Rhys Edit

"I have heard a rumor that you are in charge of Atlas now."
—Cassius to Rhys (determinant)
Rhys relationship with Cassius is quite stable. When he heard that Rhys was in charge of the Atlas corporation, he was more then glad to help him with the rebuildment.

Vaughn Edit

"Second time that guy saved my ass. I really owe him."
—Vaughn to Rhys about Cassius (determinant)
Vaughn's relationship with Cassius is quite determinant depending on your choices.


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