August AM
Actor Nolan North
Gender Male
Hair Blonde
Age Late 20's
Occupation Trader/Bar Owner
Family Sasha - Ex-Girlfriend
Vallory - Mother (Deceased)
First Appearance Zer0 Sum
Last Appearance N/A
Status Alive
Series lifespan Zer0 Sum to present
August Gallery
"Hey, thanks... for shutting up."
—August to Vaughn after defeating the Vault Monster. (Determinant)
August is a main character and one of the secondary antagonists, turn anti-hero of Tales from the Borderlands.

He is portrayed by Nolan North.

Character Edit

August seems calm and reasonable in most given circumstances, though he will back of out a situation (such as a deal) if he gets bad vibes. If he is betrayed or does not get what he wants, August is quick to choose violence as the solution to his problems.

Tales From The Borderlands Edit

Killed Victims Edit

  • Tommy
  • Shade (Determinant)
  • A few Psychos
  • Numerous Unnamed Pandorians.

Weapons Edit

  • Jakobs revolver
  • Dahl pistol (Briefly)

Relationships Edit

Fiona Edit

August was initially pissed when he found out that the deal was fake and tried to kill Fiona and Sasha. Later he tells Fiona that there's no hard feelings, though he will most likely shoot her for his benefit.

Sasha Edit

"You spend a certain amount of time with someone, you... You get to see a side of them you might not have been expecting."
—Sasha on August

August had an intimate relationship with Sasha until she used his job for a fake vault-key deal. August is heartbroken by this and later asks Fiona if it was just for the money, or if she did like him. Afterwards during a fight August and Sasha start to argue on who breaks up officially with the other. He does not stop Vallory even if she stabs Sasha, but he is still showing interest towards her on Helios - By getting shot for her and Fiona's sake, then before, and after killing the Traveler (if you choose August into your team).

Vallory Edit

"Your Ma would´ve been proud."
—Vaughn to August about Vallory after the defeat of the Traveler

She's August's boss and mother and is currently not happy with him due to him trying to cut her out of the ten million dollar deal. If Fiona says that it's August's fault that the deal went south, she will punish him by pulling out his nose ring.

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